Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Annual General Meeting


Due to the insufficient number of members being available the catering for this event is expected to be disproportionately expensive and the meeting itself would be basically ineffective without sufficient input from members.
The revised date proposed is 27th January 2019 which is therefore both the AGM followed by celebration of  Waitangi Day & Australia Day.
Subject to approval we will request using :
THE VENUE:     Natal Mounted Rifles HQ opposite the entrance to Durban Country Club
TIME:         The time is yet to be agreed and will depend upon the Catering choice accepted bearing in mind the committee will be looking at either a quote from Supreme Caterers as was accepted in principal or a quote for the traditional spit braai.                 
MEAL:        Option 1: Thai Green Chicken Curry with Basmati rice. or 

                                         Spaghetti Bolognaise all served with Salad and dressing, Sambals,

                                         Chutney/ Grated cheese, plus bread rolls and butter.
                       Option 2:  A spit braai   The committee ladies will provide Pavlova, ice cream, fruit salad and a cheese board or two to go with either option.
DETAILS:     Please try to attend as input from members is essential in mapping the future events for ANZA-KZN
If there are any queries please contact any of the Committee members
Click here to see committee members details


DATE:        Sunday 18 November 2018
VENUE:     Natal Mounted Rifles HQ opposite the entrance to Durban Country Club
TIME:         AGM 12h00 followed by Lunch at 13h00 at the Dixie Adams Hall.
                    Visitors may enjoy Drinks in the adjacent NMR Officer’s Mess and
                     proceed to the Dixie Adams Hall for the Lunch                   
MEAL:        This year the Lunch  is as follows: 
Thai Green Chicken Curry with Basmati rice. or 
Spaghetti Bolognaise
All served with Salad and dressing, Sambals, Chutney/ Grated cheese, rolls and butter.

In addition our committee ladies will provide Pavlovas, Ice crem, fruit salad and a cheese board.
COST:          R140-00 per person preferably paid by EFT by 10th November. See banking details below.
A cash bar is avaiable at the Officer's Mess. 
It is imperative that bookings be made and paid for by the 10th November to ensure we can provide accurate number for the caterers
PARKING:   Secure parking on site 
DETAILS:     Members may respond to this message with a simple YES or NO and all members should receive a phone call from a regular committee member. Please try to attend as input from members is essential in mapping the future of ANZA-KZN

Click here to see committee members details
           .                                                                                  Banking Details:                     

Friday, 7 September 2018

Much Awaited Major Event for 2018

2018 Hangi
The largest traditional New Zealand Maori event held in South Africa by the Australia & New Zealand Association (ANZA-KZN) in the last 80 years.
The Hangi is the traditional way of preparing a feast to celebrate special events such as weddings, significant birthdays etc. ANZA is privileged to have Bert Tuhi from Bert Tuhi Spits for this event. The Cooking Pit will be filled with Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken and veggies.
This event is a fun event open to all and will also raise funds for our annual nominated charity,  Angels Care KZN for 2018.
Booking is essential and tickets are limited
Cost: R150-00 p/p
Location: College Rovers Rugby Club, Gate C Kings Park Stadium, Jacko Jackson Drive or Gate D for on-site free parking.
Date: Sat 13 October
Time: 12:00  till Late with eating at 14:00
Drinks: Cash bar
BYO: Crockery/cutlery

By the way a major Hamper is available with tickets at R10-00 each or 3 for R20-00

To purchase tickets please contact any of the following committee members:
Eleanor Brosnihan
083 309 6597
Lynne Johnson
082 921 3006
Jane Murray
082 454 6888
Robyn Geisler
082 925 5690
Gina Marder
084 885 5022
Bert Tuhi
Glenda Dee
078 174 2529
Andy Tribe
073 808 9986
Monique Bray

Details for Angels Care

Cell (All Hours ) : 073 706 2566      
Address: P.O Box 28430, Sezela, 4215, KZN                                      
or    2 Sezela Road, Sezela, 4215, KZN                                                                                      
phone: 078 133 3522                                                                                      
Mail: janndre@angelscarekzn.co.za                                                                                 
Web:  www.angelscarekzn.co.za                                                   

NPO -  REG. 115-298, PBO -  REG. 930058222

Banking Details
Angels Care KZN                                                                                                                                  
Cheque Account
FNB Branch Code: 250655
Branch Name: Margate                                                                                          
Date:  27 July 2018
We operate a shelter for Natal’s homeless and destitute and we are a Registered non-profit organization. Our aim is to provide a non-judgemental welcoming atmosphere. We believe every human being is valuable and no one should be stigmatized because of their past or present situation. All of our residents are treated with compassion and respect.
What do we provide? We provide shelter, food, clothing, bedding and access to doctors, clinics, hospitals and social welfare departments. At present we are sheltering approximately 55 people which include 8 kids as well ranging in ages from 2 to 15. These people come from all walks of life; poverty has no social barriers. Christian spiritual guidance is offered daily as we have regular devotions; Bible study and church services led by ministers from churches on the South Coast.
Our care centre is solely reliant on the kindness of donations from people like you. We do not receive any grants or help from the government. Our objectives are basically to feed, clothe and shelter the homeless and less unfortunate; teach job skills to the unemployed where possible and assist our people in the rural and surrounding areas.
PLEASE consider helping us in any way you can. Help spread the word physically and spiritually.
We greatly need your assistance. If possible, please assist us:

·         FOOD is always a necessity
·         Bedding, clothes, furniture
·         Toiletries, cleaning materials, first aid items
·         Building materials, wendy houses (urgently needed)
·         Other ways to help are to sponsor fuel, electricity or gas
Yours faithfully

View of Hangi Venue and onsite parking
Venue College Rovers
Parking accessed by Gate D from Jacko Jackson Drive Kings Park Oval 3

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The KZN Heritage, Cultural & Environmental Societies Events Diary

The KZN Heritage, Cultural & Environmental Societies Events Diary for September has been added and can be accessed via the MENU tab for NEWSLETTERS    This month many more events of interest have been published.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Two recent events

1. The Potjie Competition.

2. The Observation Car Rally held on the 12th of August was rated highly by those who competed however contrary to expectations only five teams took part.

October 2018 HANGI

In recent years ANZA has held several Hangis that have been reasonably effective.
However this years Hangi is going to something quite special.

The Hangi is a classic New Zealand way of cooking underground to celebrate special occasions such as weddings and significant birthdays.

This year we are privileged to have a specialist, Bert Tuhi, to organise a unique Hangi at a very well suited venue that has ideal facilities for such an event. Namely College Rovers.

Bert is a qualified butcher who has been preparing Hangis and spit braais for more that 40 years in South Africa.

For details and purchase of tickets please click on the following link:

 This is a unique event that should not be missed. It is open to the public!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

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